Airtel night plan code 2023 | Code for Airtel night browsing, Airtel trybe plan

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Airtel night plan code 2023

Airtel Nigeria offers an exciting range of data plans to cater to the needs of its customers, including night data plans that enable subscribers to stay connected all night without worrying about excessive data charges. With the Airtel night plan code you can activate the night plan. Airtel’s SmartTRYBE 2.0 Night Data Plan is one such offer that allows you to browse the internet between 12 am and 5 am.

This plan will enable you to enjoy 250MB of data for just N25. To activate the plan, dial *412# and select the Night Plan option. It’s that simple! Keep in mind that this plan is only available to Airtel SmartTRYBE subscribers. Join the SmartTRYBE network today and enjoy exclusive benefits, including special data offers, night browsing plans, and more.

Learn more about Airtel’s data plans and offers by visiting their website or downloading the MyAirtel app.

In a time when many Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet, network providers need to prioritize the needs of their subscribers by offering affordable and reliable data plans. As the competition in the telecommunications industry heats up, it remains to be seen how Airtel and other network providers will respond to subscribers’ demands for more cost-effective data plans.

The popular Airtel Night Browsing Plan of 1.5GB for ₦200, once considered a lifesaver for those who could not afford regular data plans, has been discontinued. This move has sparked mixed reactions among subscribers, who have been left feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Airtel explained that the price change is based on the changes made to their TRYBE 2.0 data plans. The TRYBE 2.0 Night Data Plan, introduced to offer exclusive benefits to SmartTRYBE subscribers, is still available. However, the prices have been adjusted to reflect the new changes in the TRYBE 2.0 data plans.

Airtel Night Plan. Previously, subscribers could enjoy 500MB of data for just ₦25, but the plan has been reduced to 250MB, similar to what MTN offers at N50. While this change may seem unfair to some subscribers, it’s worth noting that Airtel has also reduced the price of its 250MB plan to ₦25.

Furthermore, Airtel has now allowed subscribers to activate the plan more than once in a single night, which means that users can enjoy uninterrupted browsing at an affordable price. As such, the Airtel Night Plan remains an attractive option for subscribers looking to economize on data usage.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Night Plans | SmartTRYBE 2.0 Midnight Browsing

Airtel 250MB Night Browsing Plan

  • To enjoy Airtel Nigeria’s Night Plan, subscribers must have a minimum of ₦25 in their account balance.
  •  To activate the plan, dial *412#, select option 3 (Airtel Night Plan 250MB), and send.
  •  The Night Plan offers 250MB of data and is valid for one night, between 12 am and 5 am.
  •  It’s important to note that the plan is exclusive to Airtel SmartTRYBE subscribers. By activating this plan, subscribers can stay connected to the internet all night long without worrying about excessive data charges.
  •  To switch to SmartTRYBE, you can easily get guidance by dialling *412# and following the prompt. This will help you navigate through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to check Airtel night plan balance?

Follow these simple steps to check how much data you have consumed on your Airtel Night Data Plan.

To check the data balance of your Airtel Night Plan, you can use any of the following methods:

  1. Dial *140# on your Airtel line and press the call button. Your remaining data balance and validity period of the Night Plan will be sent to you via Messages.
  2.  Send “NIGHT” to 131 as a text message on your Airtel line. Your remaining data balance and the Night Plan validity period will be sent to you as a text message.
  3.  Check your Airtel app on your mobile device to view your remaining data balance and validity period of the Night Plan.

Airtel night plan code?

The subscription code for Airtel Night Plan is as follows:

  1. Dial *412# on your Airtel line and reply with 3 for “Night Browsing (N25 for 250MB valid 12–5 am)
  2.  Select your preferred Night Plan from the options presented.
  3.  Follow the prompt to complete the subscription process.

Note that Airtel Night Plans are available to Airtel prepaid customers only and can only be used between 12 am and 5 am. Each Night Plan’s prices and data allowance may vary depending on your chosen plan.

How to do a night plan on Airtel?

To subscribe to Airtel Night Plan, you can use the following steps:

  • Ensure that you have sufficient airtime on your Airtel line.
  •  Dial *412# on your Airtel line and reply with 3 for “Airtel Night Plans.”
  •  Choose your preferred Night Plan from the options presented.
  •  Follow the prompt to confirm your subscription.

Airtel night plan N100 for one GB?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Airtel did not offer a Night Plan of 100 Naira for 1GB. However, they may have updated their plans since then.

To confirm the currently available plans and prices, dial *412# on your Airtel line and follow the on-screen prompts. You can also visit the Airtel website or contact customer service for more information.


In conclusion, Airtel has consistently provided its customers with affordable and convenient night plans. With various options, such as the Airtel Night Plan, Airtel SmartTRYBE 2.0 Night Data Plan, and Airtel YouTube Night Plan, subscribers can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Customers can dial the respective USSD codes or use the Airtel mobile app to activate these plans.

Checking the balance of these plans is also easy with the *140# USSD code or through the Airtel mobile app. Airtel customers can expect to see even more innovative night plans and offer from the telecommunications provider.

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