Apple security Pantami urges Nigerians to update apple devices

Apple security: Pantami urges Nigerians to upgrade apple devices

Apple security This week, Apple delivered software patches following the disclosure of flaws that may have allowed hackers to get access to devices, as the firm faced pressure to combat spyware and maintain its image for robust cyber security.

Apple has credited an unidentified researcher with alerting the company to the problem but has not provided any other specifics. Users were also recommended by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to install critical upgrades as soon as feasible.

Mr. Pantami on Saturday tweeted a two-minute clip from a CNN program in which Apple users were advised to immediately update their devices to prevent hackers from accessing their location, bank details, photographs, and other personal information by exploiting a massive security flaw in the previous IOS.

“Update your Apple product immediately due to a major flaw/vulnerability: “Go to Settings, then General, and then Update Software,” Mr Pantami tweeted.

According to hacking expert David Kennedy, the loophole might allow hackers to listen in on users’ phone conversations, and access their text messages, emails, and even webcams. He emphasized that the stolen data will be sold for millions of dollars on the dark web.

The communications minister urged Nigerians to upgrade their Apple gadgets to avoid their personal information being obtained and auctioned off.

“Please update your Apple gadgets immediately,” Mr Pantami added.

Some readers chastised the minister for revealing material that was already in the public domain, while he remained silent on the use of digital platforms to combat insecurity.

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