Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria 2023

Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

Have you tried using your online debit card to make payment online, and your banks kept declining it? We have a solution to that, this is a list of the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria currently working for international payments. USD virtual card you can use to make purchases on websites like Netflix, Apple, Spotify, Ali Express, Alibaba, Amazon, Fashion Nova, and other websites and platform that accept payments from other countries.

Recently the monthly spending limit on foreign purchases that can be made using naira cards was decreased by Nigeria banks from $100 to $20. Buying things online won’t be possible on Nigeria naira credit card, virtual Card, or visa prepaid naira card, all Nigeria bank informed its clients in a recent statement.

You will not be able to use the Naira Mastercard, Naira Credit Card, our Virtual Card, and Visa Prepaid Naira card for international transactions due to current foreign exchange market realities. According to First Bank, this will become effective on September 30, 2022.

What is a virtual dollar card? šŸ’³

Virtual cards are similar to regular physical ATM cards. They can perform the same functions but provide convenience, and security that physical cards cannot offer.

Virtual dollar cards are cards you can use for your international online transaction, and they are lots of apps that can issue you a virtual card from the comfort of your home. What you need to create a virtual dollar account is your personal information, such as Your name, BVN, date of birth, Nationality, and any valid document, e.g., Voters card, NIN, International Passport, and Drivers license.

How are virtual cards used for payments?

Virtual payments are those made online or over the internet without exchanging physical currency or using a check. The generated card number and CVV numbers are used to make these payments securely.

How to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria

Several Nigerian apps offer virtual dollar cards that work internationally; whether you are looking to subscribe to Netflix, buy products online on Amazon, AliExpress, or you want to pay for Google and Facebook Ads, all these cards are proven to work.

  • Find your preferred choice of the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria listed in this article
  •  Sign up for an account and get verified
  •  Request for a Virtual dollar card
  •  Within 48 hours, you should get your virtual Card ready for use

Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

1. PSTNET virtual dollar card

PSTNET is a modern and high-quality service that offers the best virtual debit cards for global payments of goods and services, as well as advertising accounts on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and others.

Low fees at PSTNET:

  • Only 2% commission for top-ups
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Zero withdrawal fees
  • Zero fees for declined payments
  • Zero fees for operations on blocked cards

How to get a PSTNET virtual dollar card

It all starts with registration on the website. You can use your Google or Telegram account, or go through the traditional registration process using your email and password. The first card doesn’t require KYC (Know Your Customer verification). After a quick verification, restrictions are lifted based on card issuance and spending.

You can fund your account with cryptocurrency (e.g., USDT TRC-20 or Bitcoin), through the SWIFT/SEPA system, or use regular Visa/Mastercard cards. Cards are available in USD and EUR, with multiple cards for different purposes. Some cards come with 3DS (verification codes sent to your account or Telegram bot) and a substantial number of US and European BINs (around 25+). All of this makes Risk Payment practically impossible.

There’s a dedicated BIN checker and a Chrome extension called Cardholder. They offer 24/7 customer support and special conditions for teams. You can also read reviews about PST cards on their website.

Currently, PST Private program is available for teams and solo users with high turnovers (up to 100 cards for free, then cards cost $1 each and a 2% top-up commission).

2. Chipper Virtual Dollar Card

Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria
Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

The Chipper USD Virtual Card is a pre-funded virtual card that can be used for foreign internet purchases. The Card is free to get and may be financed directly from the user’s Chipper wallet.

The Card functions similarly to actual debit or credit cards when used online After you have claimed your Chipper Virtual Card Open the Chipper app to access your card information (card number, expiration date, and CVV) to make payments online. Additionally, you should be aware that a Chipper virtual USD card has a $5000 monthly limit and offers 5% cash back on all purchases.

Note: the link to download the Chipper app is a referal link from us this means when you download the Chipper app with our link below you will receive a referal bonus of #600 when you verify your account and send and receive #600 to any other Chipper user.

How to create a Chipper Virtual Card?

  •  Select Create Free Account
  •  Use your phone number, not email.
  • After you have created the account – click on Profile at the top right side of your screen. Scroll down, click on verify, and you will be prompted to take a virtual selfie. Ensure your background is bright, and enter your BVN number; after some minutes, the verification status should change from pending to verified.
  •  To get your Chipper Virtual Card? Go to Card at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on Claim USD Card – Verify it again with your NiN or driver’s license.
  • Then after your verification, you can see your card details.

3. Gomoney Virtual Card

You can get both physical and virtual card on Gomoney that you can quickly activate and use online! Just like every other Virtual Card, the Gomoney card allows you to use their virtual Card for online payments on Platforms like (Netflix, Jumia, Paystack, Google Play, Spotify, etc.)

After you’ve created your Gomoney account, you can request for a virtual debit MasterCard from your smartphone and receive it quickly! The Card may be used on your phone for foreign purchases (such as Amazon, Apple music, Google Ads) and local payments (Uber, Taxify, Jumia, and so on).

How to get a Gomoney virtual card

You need a mobile phone and a Gomoney account; your first Card is free. To get a Gomoney virtual card, follow these steps:

  • Download the Gomoney App.   
  • Create Free Account
  • Verify your account with your face ID and BVN
  • Go to your Gomoney app’s main page and swipe left to the second portion of the screen.
  • Tap Get a card and enter your PIN to begin spending right away! šŸ˜Š

4. Barter Virtual Dollar Card

Barter Virtual Dollar Card

With Flutterwave Barter, you can Send and receive money worldwide. Create virtual dollar cards that can be used for international online payments. Barter virtual dollar cards allow you to make payments and purchases online internationally where your local cards are restricted. And that’s not all; you can create as many cards as you like for a fee of $1 each.

How to create Flutterwave Barter Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Download the Barter by Flutterwave app. Barter.me
  2. Sign up for Barter by Flutterwave
  3. Finish the KYC and identity verification procedures.
  4. Add funds to your Barter account with a debit card or a bank transfer.
  5. Click the ‘Create new card’ button.
  6. You can either create a Multifunctional card (one that can be used for all of your online purchases/payments) or a bespoke card that can only be used on particular platforms (e.g., a Netflix card or a Facebook card)
  7. Enter the amount you want to put on your dollar card. (Please keep in mind that there is a card production cost.)

That’s all, You can use the card to buy and pay for anything; it only takes 5 minutes to create the card.

5. Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

With Wallets africa’s famous magic virtual VISA cards, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Wallet Africa offer both virtual cards and physical cards that can be delivered to your home.

Wallets Africa is a Nigerian business that provides a digital wallet with virtual real naira and dollar Visa cards issued by UBA. You are open to online transactions in dollars, making it ideal for travelling! This comes at a cost, as your Card has a monthly $1 fee, a $0.75 fee on every foreign transaction, and a 2% fee for recharging it from an external account.

How to create wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Go to wallets.africa to sign up for an account
  2. Select your preferred account type, whether business or for personal use. Fill in the required details to proceed
  3.  Finish the KYC and identity verification procedures
  4. Add funds to your wallet account
  5. Go to Cards to create your Card

6. ALAT By Wema Virtual Dollar Card

ALAT By Wema Virtual Dollar Card

Wema is a fully established digital bank in Nigeria that makes payment easy for everyone. With ALAT by Wema bank, you don’t have to worry about visiting a bank before opening an account or handling payments online between other parties. You can use your ALAT virtual dollar card to pay for things like Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Asos, Udemy, Coursera, AliExpress, Google, and Facebook. A monthly card maintenance fee of 525 nairas will be levied on each Card generated, to create your first card is free, to create more you have to pay.

How to create ALAT By Wema Virtual Dollar Card

  1. Download the ALAT By Wema app
  2.   Sign up for an account
  3.   Confirm your identity
  4.   Verify your phone number
  5.  Add funds to your account
  6. Log in to ALAT through mobile or computer, then choose Cards from the Main Menu. When you click on ALAT Dollar Card, you will be redirected to a settings page where you must Create a New Card. To proceed, complete all fields.


Creating a virtual account is now easier than before. You have all the information needed at your fingertip. We have given you a lot of options to choose from. You can pick from any of these online digital bank the one that best aligns with your goal, but if you still have some questions in mind about which one of these you should go for, we would suggest you try out the Chipper Cash. It is more convenient and easy to set up to get the Chipper Card.

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