February 20, 2024
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There is now a new code to load MTN recharge cards, MTN recharge cards have long been a popular method for topping up prepaid mobile accounts, providing users the flexibility to maintain their phone credit.

However, MTN has introduced a new code making it more convenient and easy to remember across other networks. This article will outline this new code and guide you through its usage.

Code to load MTN recharge card.

MTN has introduced a new code for recharging your lines, making it even easier and more convenient. Instead of the old *555rechargepin# code, you can now use *311rechargepin#. This simple change simplifies the process, eliminating the need to remember and enter the previous lengthy code.

We encourage all MTN users to adopt the new code and experience the improved efficiency firsthand. 

MTN’s new code for data balance

MTN’s new code for data balance is *310#, which allows you to effortlessly check your data balance. With this single code, you can inquire about the status of your various data plans, including monthly, weekly, or night plans.

No more hassle of navigating through multiple menus or remembering different codes for different plans. Dial *310# and access real-time information about your data balances, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your data usage.

New code to borrow airtime from MTN

The new MTN code to borrow airtime from MTN is *303#. With this new code, you can use it to borrow any amount of airtime MTN offers you and select your preferred choice. Once your request has been approved, your airtime balance with be credited.

In conclusion, the new code to load MTN recharge cards has revolutionized the mobile experience across all network providers. Embracing this innovation allows MTN users to recharge their accounts effortlessly; It’s time to embrace the convenience of the new code and enjoy a hassle-free recharge experience with MTN.

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