Facebook Glitch: Facebook Confirmed Massive Spam on Users’ Feeds

Facebook Glitch Facebook Confirmed Massive Spam on Users’ Feeds

Facebook glitch: Facebook confirmed on 24th august that they are aware that some of their users are seeing strange postings in their Facebook news feeds and that their team is trying to fix the problem. For more than three hours, people from all around the world have been complaining about seeing odd postings and activity tickers to celebrities’ sites from strangers on their timelines.

These posts are dominating users’ primary feeds (including Ivan’s) and drowning out the typical stream of photographs, videos, and other stories posted by friends. Because of the issue, which is the first of its sort in memory, any stranger who posts to — or interacts with — a celebrity’s page that you’ve liked will most likely show in your feed.

According to DownDetector, a third-party organization that monitors internet services, several users reported an outage with Facebook on Wednesday. It’s unclear whether the outage is related to the previously disclosed bug.

The extent of the bug is vast because it affects some of Facebook’s most popular accounts. They include the pages of Cristiano Ronaldo (152 million followers), Shakira (116 million), and Rihanna (101 million).

The bug seems to be impacting Facebook in a number of countries, on both desktop and mobile.

TechCrunch confirm this from a Meta Spokesperson in a statement.

Facebook Glitch

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