Free Movie Download Sites to Download movies on Mobile and PC (2023)

Free Movie Download Sites

Have you ever desired to download movies from the internet? Do you want to know where you can find the most fantastic site to download your favourite movie? If this is the case, stop searching. We got you covered with the top Free Movie Download Sites you can use to download any movie of your choice.

Not knowing where to download the latest movies of your choice can be pretty frustrating and can be a waste of time because you might just be clicking ads on different websites without actually downloading the film of your choice, knowing the perfect website to go to when you want to download movie can be stress-free because you can bookmark any website of your choice and go back to it each time you want to download a movie you can also bookmark our website to come back and check the list of any movie site you forget.

Note: There’s a bonus tip below this content on how to download movies without ads on any website.

Free Movie Download Sites

You can download free movies on top websites without paying for them. With these free movie downloading sites, you can download as many movies as you want, whether a series, action, comedy, drama, horror, romance or action movies. These websites got you covered.

We all love watching movies, but it is something that most of us do in our spare time. I believe that practically everyone enjoys watching movies and has favourites they never weary of viewing. However, some people do not know where to get movies. Therefore I’ve compiled a list of the top free movie download sites for mobile (Android and iOS) and PC. With the website listed below, you can download any popular movies of your choice.

1. Yts.mx

Free Movie Download Sites Yts

YIFY Torrents is a movie download site. All you need to do is to look for the movie of your choice and click download on the quality you are interested in. The website will download the torrent file of the movie, and you can then use Utorrent to complete the download. Before you can download movies, you need to download Utorrent on your PC or Mobile device, you can also use Utorrent on the web, but it is faster if you download the application. Because of the high-quality movies on YIFY or YTS, it is still one of the best websites you can download movies. You can download movies from 720p, 1080p, to even 4k or 8k.

YIFY Torrents, sometimes known as YTS, was a peer-to-peer release organization noted for providing many movies as free BitTorrent downloads. YIFY releases were distinguished by their short file size, which drew many downloaders. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) took down the original YIFY/YTS website in 2015; nonetheless, several websites impersonating the YIFY/YTS name continue to garner substantial traffic. The word “YIFY” is taken from Yiftach Swery, the website’s New Zealand founder’s Hebrew name.

2. FzMovies.net

Free Movie Download Sites Fzmovies

FzMovies movie is another easy-peasy website for downloading movies. The website solely features Hollywood and Bollywood films of various genres. You would be able to download any movie of your choice from the year 2000 to the present. With the site’s structure, you can easily find the movies of your choice. Fzmovies organizes its movies alphabetically by year, famous actors, and movie directors. With their search bar, you can find any movies of your choice. If you wish to download movies from their website but don’t have a specific film in mind? Try the customized movie recommender; Catch up on the latest Mr Mercedes episodes and TV shows.

Fzmovies is a recognized internet source for downloading movies from Hollywood and Bollywood to Gujrati, Punjabi, and other languages.

Fzmovies has long climbed into the league of the world’s top free-to-use websites for Bollywood and Hollywood movie downloads, owing to the convenience of downloading it provides customers. Hundreds of thousands of moviegoers have named Fzmovies as one of their top priorities for downloading TV shows and Bollywood/Hollywood material ranging from action, adventure, cartoon, and drama movies to thrillers and others.

3. Yesmovies.ag

Free Movie Download Sites Yesmovies

There’s this joy you get when it’s straightforward for you to download a movie! “Yesmovies” can give you that joy because of the simplicity and easy to use platform. With just a few clicks, you can download any movie of your choice. The only issue I have with the platform is the ad. The ad on the website seems to be invisible sometimes. When you click on a link, it will automatically redirect you to a sponsored post, but there’s a solution for every problem. As we mentioned earlier, finish reading this post and see how you can download movies without clicking ads.

YesMovies is where you can watch free HD movies. The most delicate part about this movie download site is that it provides its users with the most current selection of films and TV series. This movie platform also boasts one of the vastest libraries of unique material. This platform allows users to download free movies and view internet content across all devices. However, the website has a relatively low score due to legal difficulties. As a result, we urge that you utilize a VPN platform when accessing this website.

4. Thepiratebays.com

Free Movie Download Sites ThePirateBay

PirateBay is a broad website that you can use to download movies, music, games, and more! It is a fantastic platform for free HD movies. The website also allows users to download videos in various resolutions, depending on the content uploader.

Apart from movies, you may download any form of other content from this website. You may get free tutorial videos, games, and applications on the website.

5. Thenetnaija.net

Free Movie Download Sites Thenetnaija

TheNetNaija is a website where you can download various types of movies. You can also download music and stay up-to-date on the latest news, sports, and other information.

This site’s videos include comedy skits, many types of lyric videos, action movies, Bollywood movies, sports videos, tech videos, Nollywood movies, TV Series and Shows, and so on. Isn’t that incredible?

This website contains almost everything you need online. Today, though, we will concentrate on the movie genre.

Another unique characteristic of TheNetNaija is that the movies on this site are compressed to the smallest memory footprint possible. You can download high-quality videos from this website in small file sizes.

Navigate to the movies option in the menu bar of Thenetnaija. When the website loads, select the movie that you wish to download. The first link, “Download,” should be chosen. After that, please wait for the film to download successfully.

6. Tfpdl.se

Free Movie Download Sites Tfpdl

TFPDL is a movie-downloading service that provides users with various movies via third-party servers. This is to inform you that the TFPDL website does not host any of these videos on its server since doing so might result in DMCA wrath.

There are other types of videos to download from the TFPDL website, which I will mention below. So you may go through them to determine which ones you like, then go to the movie site and download from the genre you choose.

You’ve probably heard about the best TFPDL movie website by now. It’s nothing new, especially if you’re a movie buff. You will agree that you will spend significant time exploring the internet for the finest websites to get the current movies from. This is frequently a problem since most big websites cannot post the most recent film on their website. You will find it enjoyable to download movies from the TFPDL website.

7. Youtube.com

Free Movie Download Sites Youtube

“Hey Kehinde, why would you list Youtube as one of the top free movie download sites? I don’t want to download tutorials I want to download movies! Yes, you can download movies. Youtube is not only for tutorials. You can download a variety of videos ranging from comedy to entertainment videos. You can name them all. They are a lot of movie producers specifically creating movies for Youtube.

To download any movie of your choice, use the search bar on Youtube to find the movie you love, copy the video URL, Go to y2mate.com, and paste the Youtube link. Find the quality you wish to download the movie in, click download and your movie should start downloading.

How to download movies without ads.

To download movies without ads, you can either use a browser that doesn’t support ads or disable Javascript. We recommend that you use a web 3 browser. 

Steps to disable website ads using the brave browser.

  1. Download and install the brave browser 
  2. Go to your brave browser settings.
  3. Navigate to shields 
  4. Under Trackers & ads blocking, select aggressive or standard

If you are using Chrome or any other browser, you can disable the Javascript of any website you visit. Most website ads function using Javascript.

Steps to disable the javascript of any website,

  1. Go to settings
  2. Privacy and security 
  3. Scroll down to site settings
  4. Navigate to permision
  5. Select don’t allow sites to use Javascript

The problem is that some websites will not allow you to use their website when you disable javascript or block the ads because they make money with the ads shown on their website. Because such websites host unlawful and pirated movies, they cannot use reputable advertisement networks. To keep the website running and to benefit from it. These websites make use of highly unpleasant pop-up advertising.

FAQ on Free Movie Download Sites

Where can I get free movie downloads?

We analyzed hundreds of sites and only recommended trustworthy ones that enable customers to download movies. When accessing these websites, be sure to utilize adblockers.

How can I get full-length movies?

There are various methods for downloading movies, including torrent downloads and direct downloads.

Do I need a VPN to get free movies?

Yes, not all movie sites have a copyright to the movies, but If you’re sure you’re downloading movies from a legitimate source, you don’t need a VPN or proxy to hide your online behaviour.

Security and Privacy

Now, you can quickly view the latest trendy movies and TV episodes by downloading movies from the sites listed above. Although the list above is not exhaustive, we have attempted to include the most popular and trustworthy places to view or download movies for free online. You may look through these websites to see which one best meets your needs and provides a high-quality movie experience.

If you believe we did not include popular Free Movie Download Sites on our list, please leave a comment and help us improve our list. Finally, sign up for our Newsletter to receive every tech update promptly. Happy downloading till then!

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