How to run Linkedin ads in Nigeria 2024

how to run linkedin ads in Nigeria

Have you considered running an ad on LinkedIn? This article will walk you through setting up your first LinkedIn ad and running your LinkedIn ads in 2024. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform, with over 645 million users in business-to-business marketing.

Eighty percent of B2B social media leads originate from LinkedIn, and 92 percent of B2B marketers utilize the network above all other options: Overall, LinkedIn advertisements are an essential tool for B2B marketers.

Earn More In 2023 Using LinkedIn Ads

How to advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads 2024

The steps will show you how to create and manage a self-service advertising campaign on LinkedIn utilizing Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads.

Campaign Manager: LinkedIn’s all-in-one advertising platform is the engine behind this feature.

Launch your first campaigns using Campaign Manager.

It won’t take you more than a few seconds to set up a Campaign Manager account if you don’t have one.

When it comes to the scheduling of your campaign, you will have complete control of your campaign in addition to being able to create a budget, choose targets (such as clicks vs impressions), and set a budget. In addition, the platform offers various services that might assist you in accomplishing your advertising objectives.

To get started, visit www.linkedin.com/campaignmanager.

Choose your objective

Linkedin Ads objective

At the beginning of any campaign, the most important goals, such as increasing brand recognition, customer consideration, or product sales, are selected.

To tailor your campaign to your specific needs, choose one of the following goals:

Awareness: awareness of the brand

Consideration: Visits to the website, levels of engagement, and video views

Conversion: leads, conversions on websites, obs applicants.

Your selected objective—impressions, clicks, or video views, to name a few—will dictate the rest of the campaign creation process.

Select your targeting criteria

Linkedin audience targeting critarial ads

No matter what sort of advertisement you go with, the process of selecting your target demographic operates in the same manner.

Utilize the targeting options that LinkedIn provides to get your message through to the appropriate people. You may choose from more than 20 distinct types of audience characteristic options, such as:

  • Company size 
  • Company name 
  • Member schools 
  • Member interests 
  • Member groups 
  • Skills 
  • Job title 
  • Job seniority 
  • And more 

Targeting is critical to conducting a successful advertising campaign; getting your targeting right leads to increased engagement and, eventually, higher conversion rates.

Choose your LinkedIn ad format

You can start creating and managing ad campaigns now that you’ve signed into Campaign Manager, with different LinkedIn ad types.

Ad types on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a well-known social media network, but it stands out from the crowd by providing several benefits not seen on other networks.

kinds of Linkedin advertising campaigns

As a result, it has an extensive selection of ad formats available. You may choose from a variety of ad formats on LinkedIn.

  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored messaging
  • Text ads
  • Dynamic ads

Let’s look at each format to find out what they are and how you can use them for marketing your company.

Linkedin ad type

If you’re starting with LinkedIn advertisements, sponsored content will probably be your best bet.

The fact that it is both low-risk and has a wide audience simultaneously contributes to its status as the most common kind of advertisement. Because individuals are shown directly in your news stream, it is an excellent method for reaching them.

You can run video, carousel, or lead gen form advertising with this ad, although it is the most affordable solution available on the site.

Because sponsored content is the most effective way to boost engagement, I recommend that you use it if you want to increase the number of people who follow your blog, bring more attention to a cause, or enhance awareness.

Linkedin ad sponsored massage

This form of LinkedIn Ads allows you to deliver native advertisements straight to the inboxes of your target audience. It features conversation adverts in addition to message ads.

This form of advertisement is excellent for developing campaigns with different conversion pathways leading to a variety of calls to action since it is both personalized and engaging.

Text ads

Linkedin Text ads

Text ads are little advertisements displayed at the top of your feed or on the right-hand side panel. Compared to other forms, a text advertisement has substantially less available space and consists of a title, very short advertisement prose, and an image.

You should not be concerned if you cannot determine which idea of format would be most effective for displaying your advertisement.

This is determined automatically based on the algorithms used by LinkedIn, as well as how your bid stacks up against those of other users.

Because they are less noticeable than the many other sorts of advertisements, text adverts are often the least expensive form of advertising.

Dynamic ads

Linkedin Dynamic ads

Small advertising that runs down the right rail of desktop websites is called dynamic adverts. They instantly customize themselves for each user depending on their profile, and they are ideal for generating leads by directing people to your website or post-click landing page. This is accomplished via the use of dynamic content.

There are three distinct varieties of dynamic advertisements to choose from:

  1. Follow company Ads
  2. Spotlight Ads
  3. Content Ads

Because there is so much competition on the feed your audience receives from LinkedIn, customized marketing might often seem like the ideal approach. You will gain bonus points if you create an advertisement that appears like a direct recommendation from LinkedIn.

Set your budget and schedule

Linkedin ad budgeting

Now that you’ve decided on your target demographic, it’s time to plan your campaign’s budget and timeline.

There are three options: 

  • Cost per send (CPS) is what you need to utilize to launch Message Ads campaigns. You will pay for each communication that is successfully sent and received.
  • Cost per click (CPC) is Typically utilized for action-oriented campaigns such as lead generation and program registration.
  • Cost per impression (CPM) Typically, the model is a better fit when brand awareness is the objective.

You will input a proposed bid, daily budget, start date, finish date, and total budget and select the best choice for your campaign. You may terminate your campaign at any moment, regardless of the end date you choose. It’s also worth noting that LinkedIn utilizes an auction mechanism for bidding that promotes involvement, which means you may win an auction even if you’re not the top bidder.

Measure and optimize your campaign

Congratulations, your LinkedIn ad campaign is now live! It is important you check your metrics by going to Campaign Manager and choosing the campaigns you wish to analyze.

You may monitor the total impressions, clicks, social activities, and budget of your campaign. LinkedIn users that connect with your content initiate social activities – it’s organic, free engagement.

Select each campaign to see how the ad performs within the campaign. Using this data, you may change your advertising, perfect your targeting, alter your budget, and turn on and off ad versions depending on performance.

So there you go! This is a full, easy-to-understand guide to getting started with LinkedIn ads.

Linkedin is now an essential advertising platform for finding new leads and turning those ready to take the next step into customers.


let’s get to work.

Set your budget and goals, pay attention to what your audience needs and likes, and you’ll have a great marketing plan in no time!

I hope you liked this post. Comment your questions and suggestion, and I will respond to every comment!

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