How to make money online in Nigeria 2023

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Are you looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2023? This blog post will guide you through the steps you need to take to start making some extra cash. Making money online involves solving problems and providing solutions to businesses or people who need help.

There are different ways you can legitimately make money online, either by working as a freelancer selling products or monetizing your social media platform. Some ways to make money online take time and dedication; you would even need to learn many things to make a decent amount of money.

The strategies discussed in this blog post require you to follow the proper process and apply them correctly. I will also provide links to courses you can take to prepare yourself and start entirely making money online.

Steps to make money online in Nigeria 2023

We have reviewed the crucial elements and steps in helping you choose the best ways to make money online more effortless, but before we dive right in, here are some terms you should familiarise yourself with:

  • Business type: Whether the concept is centred on a product, a service, or an audience.
  •  Effort: How much time, expertise, or experience you’ll need to invest
  •  Start-up costs: the initial money required to bring your idea to market.
  • Profit potential: The annual amount of profit you can anticipate from your idea.

List of the best way to make money online in 2023

In this blog section, we will outline the best way to make money online in Nigeria in 2023 and also walk you through the steps to get results.

1. Seek out freelance work

The traditional method of making money online while maintaining full-time work is through side jobs. You can make money online without start-up costs, but it’s a short-term strategy.

You may create gigs using websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer. You can charge any amount for side jobs. If you are skilled in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development or as a virtual assistant performing mini-tasks. Top Fiverr users frequently have various gigs available, making it easier for you to get found on the site.

Starting on freelance platforms takes dedication and requires you to focus on one niche at a time. Depending on the freelancing marketplace you utilize, the time before your first payment varies. After completing the work, it takes up to five business days for the payment to be available for withdrawal to your local bank account.

What you should know:

Because some side gig marketplaces demand an upfront fee to sign up, carefully read the fine print.

Check out the payment schedule on the side gig marketplace to make sure it works for you.

Getting a freelance job in Nigeria can be quite challenging because you’re competing with many freelancers; you must be well-equipped and set yourself up as a professional to convince clients that you’re the right fit for their jobs. Check out our article on how to get jobs on Upwork.

  • A laptop or other portable device.
  • An online connection.

2. Get paid to share your perspective.

Are you Interested in providing your review or experience? If you provide feedback on websites or mobile applications, they are platforms that will pay you up to 10K. It is a rapid method of earning money online. It would be best if you answer a few questions while watching videos on the website or app. Since each video lasts around 20 minutes, you can do three in an hour and earn 30K.

The only difficulty is rivalry. When a project is available online, you’ll get an email, but you have to apply quickly before someone else does, which means you have to stay active on the platforms to increase your chances of getting more tasks.

The best user review websites where you can register are:

3. Affiliate marketing

You can generate a decent amount of money as an affiliate marketer. So how can affiliate marketing generate income? You will have to apply to companies that offer affiliate programs. After being approved, you’ll be given a unique link to the item or service you want to promote. You must share the link with your followers, friends, or family. (Remember to include a disclaimer!) You’ll get a commission when someone purchases the item after clicking your link and receive credit for the recommendation.

Commodity products on Amazon won’t pay out much, but recommending a high-ticket account may pay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in compensation, depending on the affiliate program and the product being sold.

What you should know:

Affiliate marketing growth might be irregular initially, but if you persist and perfect your techniques, it can become a tremendous source of passive income.

The most critical aspect of affiliate marketing is establishing trust with your audience.

The FTC and most reputable affiliate programs require disclaimers.


As an affiliate, you should have a website or social media presence where you may advertise things.

Website traffic or a social media following.

4. Start Blogging

You’ve most likely come across a business blog sometime in your life. Businesses use blogs to offer knowledge and ideas, grow an audience, and generate more leads and revenue. Blogging offers several advantages, including establishing thought leadership in an area and increasing a brand’s search engine presence.

Blogging for a living has evolved beyond small companies and side hustles. Anyone can grow an audience and make much money from their blog by putting out quality material. Unlike acquiring information from a business blog, bloggers use a more personal approach that connects with a targeted audience.

  • An outlet for them to express their ideas, hobbies, or life experiences
  •  A platform to educate readers on a topic they are familiar with. 
  • A channel to promote items or services
  •  A place to develop one’s brand
  •  While blogging is a low-cost business venture, it might take some time to pay off. You will likely be on Google’s first page of search results after a while. However, with the correct focus and perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to generating money online with your blog.

What you should know:

  • It may take alot of time to start seeing the monetization you desire.
  •  It would help if you learned SEO and how to monetize your blog.
  • You need to develop the blog or hire a developer

5. Sell on Amazon

Amazon has evolved into a marketplace that encourages eCommerce businesses. It just takes a few minutes to create an account and a few more minutes to publish a product listing.

The site boasts a large readership and a worldwide marketplace and is a popular location for product discovery and research. Listing optimization may help your items be identified and open up new doors. In-app marketing from Amazon may boost your brand’s visibility among highly targeted customers.

However, several eCommerce businesses need to be more convinced about Amazon’s long-term viability. While the marketplace is wonderful for surfacing desirable customer items, sellers may need help to get their business noticed. Amazon draws a large number of resellers of the same things that you do.

Homesick Candles went from not being on Amazon two years ago to becoming the world’s number one scented candle company and number two candle brand. Amazon proved to be an excellent platform for selling its items online.

What you should know:

  • Unless you have a genuine business reason to register a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing, you can only have one seller central account for each location you sell.
  •  A single vendor does not own product description pages; instead, they are for the individual product.
  •  You must only transport goods listed on the product detail page. Any additional products supplied to the customer are forbidden and may result in your seller account being deactivated.
  •  You must confirm that you have dispatched the merchandise with Amazon for payment.
  •  An Amazon account is required.
  •  You must offer a product feed to Amazon or use its FBA program to ship your items to an Amazon fulfilment centre.
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