7 proven ways to get organic Facebook followers in Nigeria

How to get organic facebook followers in nigeria
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Growing your online business is now as important as selling your product. The Facebook algorithm changes over time, but before, creating a Facebook page and getting organic traffic with random content was pretty easy. Still, these days you have to set up your Facebook page properly, upload original content consistently and optimize it for the right audience for the traffic to start coming. I will show you seven strategies you can apply to start getting organic Facebook followers in Nigeria.

A brief history of Facebook

organic Facebook followers in Nigeria
organic Facebook followers in Nigeria

organic Facebook followers in Nigeria

Facebook is an American social networking website and a product of Meta Platforms. Facebook was established in 2004. In 2021, Facebook increased the number of its users dramatically to about three billion users; half of that number were using it daily, making it the largest social media network in the world. Menlo Park, California, serves as the company’s corporate headquarters.

Facebook is open to everyone. It’s free, and most of its revenue comes from online advertising. New users can set up profiles, submit images, create strong groups, and join existing ones.

Facebook comprises many elements such as a user’s profile page, News feed, watch page, and group section where you can post and interact with community members.

Users can notify friends of their current location or circumstance in the Facebook News Feed, which informs users of their friends’ profiles and status updates.

Users can chat securely with each other using private messages. The reaction buttons, a feature on many other websites, allow users to indicate their appreciation of content on Facebook.

What Is Organic Reach On Facebook?

facebook organic reach
Facebook organic reach

What Is Organic Reach On Facebook?

All the people who view your content on Facebook without using paid advertising are known as organic reach. 

People see your content on their Facebook News Feeds or as a result of interactions with you by their friends.

The audience that sees your content as a result of paid advertisements is known as “paid reach.” It is impacted by the ad targeting choices you make and may also affect organic reach. But it’s quite challenging. Although engagement rates are increasing, organic reach is dropping. And it is still decreasing quickly. So why aren’t our posts being revealed more often?

I’ll explain.

Engagement: the number of people who like, react, comment, or share your post has a lot to do with the reach of your post.

Why am I not getting views on Facebook?

Why am I not getting views on Facebook?
Why am I not getting views on Facebook?

Why am I not getting views on Facebook?

Facebook’s organic reach continues to go down for two main reasons:

Lots of content on the platform: More content is being released than space to display in news feeds. Every minute, two hundred ninety-three thousand status updates and almost 510,000 comments are submitted on Facebook.

Individual news feeds: Content is customized to each user’s unique interests to boost engagement and improve the user experience. Each person on Facebook receives the most important content in their news feed. 

The platform’s advertising network has reduced the harm to those who took advantage of it the most. Up to this point, there have been more than 9 million advertisers.

Nigeria: Facebook users 2022, by age group

Distribution of Facebook users in Nigeria as of March 2022, by age group
Distribution of Facebook users in Nigeria as of March 2022, by age group

According to Statista, Over 36 million Nigerians used Facebook as of March 2022, making up 16.5 percent of the country’s total population.

Distribution of Facebook users in Nigeria as of March 2022, by age group

According to Statista, Over 36 million Nigerians used Facebook as of March 2022, making up 16.5 percent of the country’s total population. Overall, 33.2% of Facebook users were between the ages of 25 and 34, making this age group the highest users base in the country, followed by users between the ages of 18 and 24.

Only 4.5% of users were between the ages of 13 and 17. Additionally, 65 and older users comprise 5.5% of the total user base.

Distribution of Facebook users in Nigeria as of March 2022, by age group

How to create a page

To start, you must learn how to create a Facebook page, such as filling in the correct information and adding your page to the perfect category.

The setup process is quite simple. Facebook platform’s design and layout are user-friendly and straightforward to use. Here’s how the Facebook registration process works:

  • Launch a browser and navigate to www. Facebook.com
  • In the top right corner, click “log in.”
  • Insert your username and password
  • In the navigation menu, select the Facebook page icon.
  • Select to create a new page.
  • Add Page information

Fill in the details with relevant keywords. For example, for a fashion business, if your name is “Empire,” you might want to use “Empire fashion” so that when people search for a fashion brand, your business page will show up, even without them typing in your business name.

Steps of getting organic Facebook followers in Nigeria

What Is Organic Reach On Facebook?
What Is Organic Reach On Facebook?

I am aware of your thoughts. What is the point of expanding your online business if organic reach decreases as audience size rises? Well, having a significant presence still has a lot of advantages.

Step 1: Post evergreen content to increase Facebook’s organic reach

Too many people don’t use social media content strategically.

Great content is the most effective tool in your control for achieving your Facebook page goals, whether you want to increase visitors or make money.

Not only does Google use new content as a ranking factor, but the post’s publish date also affects its life on the Facebook News Feed. Your audience will benefit from timeless information for longer if you publish new evergreen content consistently. Your audience will continue responding to your post.

Users should be informed that they can view older, evergreen posts that they have previously enjoyed and interacted with.

It will boost engagement, and Facebook will ensure that your post is shared widely and stays in feeds for longer.

Step 2: Curate Other People’s Evergreen Content

The idea of content curation is not to claim someone else’s content as your own. That’s copyright infringement!

Curating other people’s evergreen content involves gathering posts from all over the internet and sharing them with your network. But it goes further than simply finding a post, liking it, and clicking the share button.

Instead, you ought to approach the curation procedure the way you would if you want to upload your content online. Review and analyze several posts on the same subject, then share them with your audience according to a regular publishing schedule

Step 3: Ask People to Like Your Page

Facebook invite

Inviting people to like your page is the simplest way to gain more Facebook followers. Facebook will occasionally send you alerts asking you to encourage people to like your page after people start liking and reacting to your content.

Another tip is that when people like your videos or posts, you can invite them to like your page. Even if they are a new audience who just saw your post for the first time, they don’t need to be your friends.

Please misuse it. Facebook temporarily blocked me despite manually inviting people to like my page. For this reason, you must reduce the number of people you ask to like your page at a time. Additionally, Facebook may send notifications urging you to invite people if you are temporally blocked. However, you won’t be able to do so.

Step 4: Publish viral content.

Posting viral content can rapidly increase your followers and the reach of your Facebook page. There are five steps you can take in creating viral content:

How to create Viral content for Facebook

01: Start With Research

Not starting with research or not having a clear strategy in place for achieving your goal, you can’t create content that will go viral.

Make a goal first. Set a specific objective and strive toward it, whether you want 10,000 followers or 100,000 people to see your video.

Next, research what your audience enjoys. What content is your competitor’s audience watching? What content do they enjoy, connect with, and share the most? When you have an answer to this question, use it to determine which kind of content you want to create (e.g., images or text).

Last, look at previous viral content published by other pages similar to yours. Explore what made their content so effective and went viral. This process will help you create even better content.

02: Create a brand relationship

Take into account the positive reaction you get from your Facebook friends when you publish something about

A new job, your wedding, when you graduate, or getting a high school diploma.

Using this personal relationship can bring similar results with more engagement by customizing the updates on your company page. This will make your fans to like, comment, and share your content with their friends. Many have had similar experiences or want to be there to support your joyful news.

03: Use great Visual

Visuals are keys to a viral campaign. You want to create visually appealing content that will hook and get your audience’s attention; visually appealing content can’t be over-emphasized. It is essential that in this digital age, you provide high-quality content. With your smartphone, you can shoot high-quality pictures and videos.

Step 5: Use Hashtags(be careful)

Everybody is aware of hashtags and how they function. What’s going on with them on Facebook, though? Do they affect the reach of a post? BuzzSumo evaluated more than 1 billion Facebook posts from more than 30 million pages. 

Their research supports the widespread belief that Facebook users are prone to hashtag fatigue. Hashtag-containing posts underperformed than those without hashtags.

Do you know what newsjacking is?

It occurs when someone takes advantage of a trend to promote their business. As we’ve seen, hashtag usage should be moderate. When they link to a hot topic is when they are most effective. Doing so boosts your exposure and takes advantage of the traffic.

I must forewarn you that this tactic calls for care. You don’t want to follow a trend that can be worse for you than beneficial.

Step 6: Use New Facebook Features

It’s no secret that Facebook upgrades its apps frequently. Fast and frequent changes are occurring. However, consider this:

If you don’t set up notifications to stay informed, they can go unnoticed. You gain the early mover advantage when you explore new Facebook features. You can learn it faster than anybody else and use new features to advance your company.

Recent features that present excellent chances include:

Use Facebook Messenger Bots to interact with users and influence them via personalized message sequences.

You may record a 360-degree, panoramic view with 360-degree photos and videos. By taking pictures of people in groups, events, workplaces, and other settings, you can utilize might want to take advantage of this 

Facebook Watch Video that is additionally flexible and intuitive: Users are no longer required to tap to play a video physically. You can now watch a video in addition to the autoplay update while going through your news feed.

Facebook Stories: This type of visual content is nothing new if you’re familiar with Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Step 7: Be careful when you share from other social media platforms

Sharing content is particularly crucial because cross-posting to Twitter or Instagram has grown in popularity. And Facebook doesn’t like it. Create original captions (remember: don’t use the same captions or unnecessary hashtags)

Posting external links should be avoided; instead, emphasize Facebook-friendly formats (videos, pictures, and so on)

To encourage discussion, consider adding a call to action (such as “comment below”) or a question.

These pointers are essential for maximizing Facebook’s organic reach and algorithmic favoritism.


Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing.

Year after year, the platform’s active user base of businesses continues to grow by millions.

Facebook does have specific difficulties, though.

The quantity of published material has resulted in a decline in organic reach. Things that were once completed effortlessly now require much more effort and attention.

Will organic reach keep declining?

Or will it get better?

Nobody truly knows what Facebook’s organic reach will look like in the future.

Whatever the case, our task is still the same.

We must use creativity in our social media marketing and offer our audience just the best content.

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