How to Rank your Fiverr Gig in Nigeria

Rank your Fiverr Gig

Learning how to rank your Fiverr Gig is one of the most important steps to take as a Fiverr seller, lots of freelancers are competing with you on the same keyword, and ranking your GIg will help you get more jobs. Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms in Nigeria and worldwide. The best thing about Fiverr is that it’s available for anyone in any country. With the right skills and Strategy, you can start making a decent amount of money on Fiverr.

This article is focused on how to rank your Fiverr Gig.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where clients can hire freelancers worldwide.

Fiverr makes it simple for clients to hire a freelancer. The freelance marketplace gets rid of firing or having an HR department. Start-up organizations can get things done efficiently, as freelancers can sell their skills to any brand from the comfort of their homes.

Fiverr serves as the middle man, which allows customers to pay in advance for Gigs, and the freelancer can be assured that his money is safe with Fiverr. After completing the job, Fiverr can release the fund if the client is happy with the job.

Fiverr also serves as Mediation; if the client is unhappy with the job and the freelancer requests to be paid, Fiverr can help both parties solve the issue. But according to reports from top freelancers: “Fiverr do favor clients more than freelancers.” is this because of the quote “Customers is always right”? We don’t know yet.

How does Fiverr Gig Ranking work?

You might want to ask how Fiverr Gig ranking works. Fiverr Gig works similarly to the google search engine, but Fiverr aims to rank Gig that is relevant to the client search. Fiverr is a business, and they are continuously seeking buyers. Thus, they strive to deliver ideal gigs on the top page to satisfy purchasers. Because of this, you must concentrate on a few factors to rank your Gig on the first page of Fiverr. Here they are:

  • Gig Quality
  • GIg SEO
  • Feedback from the GIg
  • Account quality
  • Fiverr levels

How to Rank Your Fiverr Gig?

The most important way of getting jobs on Fiverr is to focus on the skills you are experienced and proficient in. After focusing on the skills, having relevant knowledge on how to rank your Gig so clients can find them is the next step. To get you started, we’ve compiled the steps you can apply to get your Gig on the top page of Fiverr.

1. Niche Down

I specifically made this mistake when I started as a freelance Graphic Designer, and I was offering services on logo design, banner, and social media designs. But I was not even getting orders in this Fiverr Gig, so I niche down to specific services. For example: As a logo designer, I create all my Gigs to focus on a particular industry. Instead of “I will design professional, creative, and clean company logo,” I switch the Gig title to: ” I will design luxury fashion clothing logo design. At this point, the Gig is focused on the fashion industry. If any client types in Fashion logo or luxury fashion logo, I will be able to rank for this keyword.

2. Improve Your Gig Title

Rank your Fiverr Gig

When clients search on Fiverr to look for freelancer services, they will first see your gig title and image.

If your Gig headline does not stand out from your competitors, people will not click on it, and you will not make a sale.

Use the Fiverr algorithm to choose a keyword that the client is searching for in your niche, go to your browser, use incognito mode and search for the keyword term for your GIg to see the people already ranking for that term. Open the top-ranking Gig.

Read the descriptions and tags of the top-ranked gigs. Open a specific Gig and click “control F on windows” or “Command F on Mac,” then type in your keyword term to see how many times that keyword was used in the Gig title, description, and other sections of the Gig. This will assist you in making your Fiverr Gig rank for the keyword you are trying to rank for and apply the same principle they’re using.

3. Get your first 5-star review on the Gig.

5-star reviews are one of the ranking factors of Fiverr. Getting as many reviews on your Fiverr Gig will make your Fiverr Gig rank on the top page for your targeted keyword.

To rank your Gig on the top page of Fiverr client results, you need 5-star reviews. It also helps to encourage more clients to order your Gig because this will build trust.

When starting, you might ask your friend or previous client to hire you on Fiverr because if they hire you, they will surely give you a 5-star review.

4. Stay online 24/7

This reminds me of how I will do night sub and leave my phone active on 2go to increase my stars. Lol, that same Strategy also works on Fiverr. If the Fiverr algorithm sees that you are active on the platform, they will start to give your Gig more awareness, and another reason is that Fiverr allows a client to filter out online freelancers. This could give you another advantage of ranking above does that are not online.

You can also download the Fiverr mobile app on your device and constantly stay online 24/7. This does not mean you will not sleep at night; all you need to do is ensure your phone has an internet connection. Apply this Strategy, and you will see the results in your impression, clicks, and orders.

5. Optimize your Gig Images

Image optimization is also vital in ranking your Fiverr Gig on the top page. If you’re using pictures to showcase your service, ensure they’re properly optimized. Save the image with the keyword you are trying to rank for. Make sure you are using a clear image that perfectly represents your service and is not copyrighted, don’t use other people’s Gig images or pictures from google. You can create custom images using canva, even if you don’t have any experience in design 

Rank your Fiverr Gig image

6. A/B Testing your Fiverr GIgs

Creating just one Fiverr Gig is not always enough. Using the A/B Testing strategy. Create 2 Gigs for the same service you are offering and see how the engagement goes. You can create many Gigs in the same category and various subcategories to boost your chances of being hired. In Logo design, for example, you may create two gigs: one for “Wordmark logo” and another for “Mascot logo design.”

7. Promote your gigs on social media

Promoting your Fiverr Gig on social media has a lot of advantages because you are helping yourself and Fiverr as a company. Fiverr rewards freelancers who promote their Gig on social media because the conversion rate of the Gig will increase. There will come a time when your Fiverr selling becomes low. This is because Fiverr requires you to tell the world about its platform and your services. They need you to promote your services on social media.

How does sharing projects rather than Gig URLs help you gain more visitors and rank your Gig? It’s basic, and I believe you’re already familiar with it. Posting your projects generates more conversions than sharing your gig links alone since buyers constantly seek great freelancers, so buyers will notice you immediately when you display your skills rather than just Gig links.

8. Increase your conversion rate

On Fiverr, this refers to the number of people that click on your Gig, purchase them, or massage you—communicating more effectively and responding to massage as fast as possible will be significant because Fiverr tracks your response rate. A higher conversion rate also aids in ranking your Gig higher in search results.

As Fiverr recognizes that you have a steady schedule and are helping their platform, they will begin to benefit you. Go to the Gigs and look at the conversion rate table for each performance to see your conversion rate. If you have the Fiverr mobile app, it can be found on the app’s main page.

9. Increase your Fiverr levels

Your monthly performance determines your selling level. Excellent service, great customer happiness, and on-time delivery may propel you to the top of the Fiverr rankings and help you acquire more traffic and orders. It is not a new thing that Fiverr will rank sellers who have Fiverr levels badge; Starting as a new seller, you will get the New Seller Badge:

  • New Seller: The New Seller badge is for new freelancers on the Fiverr platform. This is where it all begins. You will be rewarded as a new seller once you create your first Fiverr Gig. To advance to the next level. Fiverr urge you to provide excellent client satisfaction and high-quality work and services.


With all these steps, you should be able to create an excellent Fiverr Gig that ranks; you should understand that the Gigs will not just rank a day. It will take some time before the Fiverr algorithm will start to discover your Gig. In the meantime, focus on creating multiple Gigs. As a new seller, you can create up to seven Gigs; make sure you maximize them.

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