How to Sell books online in Nigeria

Sell books online in Nigeria

Are you thinking of ways to sell books online in Nigeria? There are different ways to sell your books online if you’re ready to start clearing out some space and making some additional cash.

Whether you are looking to build your website or want to use other top platforms to sell your books online, it’s up to you, but first, let’s discuss how to sell your books online with your own platform. Then we will move to the other article section, on Top websites to sell your books online in Nigeria.

How to sell your books online in Nigeria with your websites

If you wish to sell your books or sell other people’s books, you must first decide how you will do it: the hosting platform, website structure and marketing plan. If you don’t want to sell books through the traditional internet giants, you’ll need to build an appealing and user-friendly ecommerce shop.

To make more people buy your books? You’ve to bring visitors to your website for them to stay as long as possible because this will increase your conversion rate for them to buy your books. As a result, it is worthwhile to devote effort to developing a well-designed and professional-looking website. We do not advocate creating your store from an existing blog. Alternatively, if you currently offer other things on your website, don’t just add the books. You will need to create a dedicated website for an online bookstore.

We recommend two popular eCommerce platforms: Shopify or WordPress + WooCommerce.

Set up a Shopify Store

Many Shopify themes have fantastic features that even inexperienced book merchants may use. There’s SEO optimisation, slideshows, free stock pictures, the ability to utilise numerous currencies and languages, Instagram connection, and drag-and-drop page builders, to name a few features. Those are only a few examples!

These themes are also suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The designs are nicely planned out, sleek, and clean, making them appealing to buyers wanting to spend money on the next best read. Some themes allow you to include videos and essential social networking icons. You may encourage people to explore your Facebook and Instagram profiles with a single click.

Starting an online store with a Shopify website builder can quickly get you on track to start selling your books online, with just a few account setup and customisation and a user interface for beginners. This has made Shopify one of the popular platform for bookselling. Starting at just $9 per month, Shopify plans range up to $299 per month, depending on the packages. You can begin with a free Shopify trial.

Creating an account is the first step in using Shopify to sell your online books. The good news is that Shopify is straightforward, regardless of whether you’re selling used books or digital downloads. It’s one of the simplest platforms for processing orders, adding products, etc.

Set up a WordPress + WooCommerce website

WordPress is another excellent platform you can use to set up your online bookselling store because you have the flexibility to control everything you want. It is also easy to use because you can install pre develop themes and plugins, which would add additional features to your online store. WordPress is a free platform, but you must pay for online hosting and domain name. You can get started with Namecheap if you’re on a low budget.

Here are the steps you need to take to set up WordPress online store:

Select a WordPress theme

WordPress themes are sets of pre-made templates that make designing your website simple. Most themes come with many options for font styles, colour schemes, and other components, so you may alter them to match your preferences or brand. There is a wide selection of WordPress themes.

Create a selling strategy

You’ll be required to set up a payment method for selling eBooks on your WordPress website. To monetise your website, Establish the product pages. The selling strategy you select will affect how you construct product pages.

Use the Pay with PayPal Button option to construct a landing page for your eBook with a block for the payment button. All the elements, including text and photos, can be added to your website using the block editor.

Market your eBook

Suppose you have your online bookselling store ready! It’s time for you to start making plans to market them. Marketing is a crucial part of selling your books yourself. Because now you have control over everything, the sales you earn are for you. While a good website and solid landing page can bring people to your site via search engine optimisation, you can’t solely rely on that for book sales as a starter. If no sales are coming in, you might want to hire a digital marketing expert. 

Top website to Sell books online in Nigeria

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site, and you can upload your books for free on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing without any fee, but Amazon has a percentage from every sale of your book.

The advantage is that you will gain free exposure on the platform by using its vast audience and SEO tactics. You must ensure that the Title description and the tags of your book are well optimized for even better reach.

Amazon KDP is most likely one of the most popular places online to sell ebooks, and even though it is not a Nigerian company, you can still publish and sell from here in Nigeria.

The fantastic thing about Amazon KDP is for anyone from any region, with no limitation, Amazon Kdp is an excellent place to acquire verifiable feedback on your ebook. Amazon will not assume any copyright or distribute your work without your permission.

It’s simple to join Amazon’s third-party marketplace, where you can sell books. The amazon Kdp platform functions similarly to a small business with a vast inventory of items.

Remember that you can sell as an individual or as a company. And delivery to customers directly or through an Amazon fulfillment facility.


Selar is an online store contractor that lets you offer digital goods or services to anybody, anywhere in the world, without limitations.

The uploading process to get your book on the platform is quite simple. They allow you to upload your ebook in any format, unlike Amazon, where you will have to convert your book to a specific format so that it doesn’t lose the layout and formatting. After you have uploaded the book and have everything set up, you can begin selling within minutes.

Seller also provides valuable features like analytics, sales pages, and automatic follow-ups. They also have affiliates encouraging other bloggers and marketers to promote and sell your ebook while earning a healthy commission.

Selar payment method is also friendly for Nigerians with several payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, Verve, and Visa, which allow you to accept payments from anywhere globally.

You can start on Selar for free, but you must subscribe to the pro or turbo plan to access some of their premium advantages. But since you are a new seller, you can start with the free plan. If you start making money off the platform, you can then subscribe to any of your preferred plans based on your requirement.


Nairabookstore is an online book interface between independent writers, publishers, and readers. The website is easy to use for readers to get the books they are looking for easily. The books are arranged in different categories, from business guides, tech guides and academic resources.

So, Upload your book to Nairabookstore and make money from the comfort of your home. It’s free to join. 

This platform also includes different payment methods, such as Paystack, master card, Visa, and verse, making it simple for online buyers and Nigerians to pay for your ebook.

Nairabookstore has more than 2,000 Affiliates And Marketers Earning from the platform affiliate.


Payhip is another excellent book-selling platform that enables Nigerians to directly sell digital products, courses, or memberships to their target audience.

The payhip pricing plan has a free option and other paid services. You can start selling your books on the platform without paying any dime, but if you are using the free plan on Payhip, there’s a +5% transaction fee.

When you are on the plus plan, which costs $29 /mo, the service fee is reduced to a +2% transaction fee,

when you go for the pro plan, which costs $99 /mo with No transaction fee, you can sell as many products without paying any fee again.

The payhip website gives you everything you need to sell your ebook online, including discount coupons, share buttons, affiliate programs, and flexible pricing. The platform gives you the tools you need to customize your sales page and allows you to integrate their website into your platform.


Clickbank is an e-commerce platform for selling products. The platform is among the best e-commerce sites to sell your ebooks online; it also has a strong affiliate network of approximately 500,000 marketers ready to promote your product.

Clickbank, like other websites, provides a variety of tools to assist you in maintaining your sales dashboard and selling your ebook. It has features such as creating custom forms, fraud protection, subscription, etc.

Selling Your Ebooks on Clickbank

The tremendous Affiliates on Clickbank make it simple to market your digital products and services. To become a seller on the platform, you must pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95. You will list your product once you have registered as a vendor (s). Then, you’ll decide how much commission you’re willing to pay anyone who chooses to market and promote your product for you.


Sellfy is an e-commerce company that sells digital assets such as music, artwork, photographs, books, and movies. It’s ideal for digital product companies looking for a comprehensive online shop solution that’s quick and simple to set up and administer. However, businesses considering utilizing Sellfy must also be ready to commit dedicated monthly cash for the membership fee and the accompanying credit card processing – implying that this may not be the most cost-effective alternative for new business owners.


Tradebit has some of the features of Payhip, which is an ebook publishing platform. This platform allows you to publish your book in seconds and begin selling it right away.

You may utilize an affiliate scheme or social media integration to sell your ebooks on big online marketplaces. It’s pretty simple.

Yes, it’s legal to sell books online that you have the copyright to. If you have written your book from scratch and want to sell it on any online platform, it is essential that if it’s a Collaborative fiction book, you reach out to the other authors to discuss the royalty before selling it online.

How to sell ebooks online in Nigeria?

To sell your books online in Nigeria, you need to register on a website that will help you distribute your books to their readers and handle your payment method. Another way to sell your ebooks in Nigeria is to create an e-commerce website that you can use to sell your books and promote them.

Can you make money selling books online?

Yes, you can make money selling your books online in Nigeria; working with an e-commerce site like Amazon is one of the simplest methods to sell ebooks online. Immediately you list your book on the top e-commerce platform. You have the advantage of reaching out to prospective readers that might be interested in your book, so make sure your cover photos and layouts are well arranged and neat.


Now that you know the platform to sell your books online in Nigeria, pick your preferred choice, sign up, and list your book for sale. Also, note that some promotions will be needed to increase your books’ sales.

What platform would you choose first to sell your ebook? Comment below, and we might give an in-depth article on how to use the platform.

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