TikTok Change Maker Program Nigeria Represented as TikTok Introduces $1M Grant

In a step to fostering economic growth and increasing social impact, Tiktok has introduced a program called the TikTok Change Maker, TikTok will donate over $1 million to more than 30 global and local non-profit organizations.

The TikTok change maker program aims to help content creators and non-profit organizations make a positive impact and reach more global audiences by empowering them.

TikTok Change Makers Grant:

Everyone selected as part of the Tiktok change maker programme will receive $25,000 in funds donated by TikTok, tiktok aims at reaching more than 30 global and local non-profit organizations.

TikTok change maker Africa winner

A Nigeria tiktok creator with millions of followers Charity Ekezie, is known for creating content that promotes Africa’s true vibrant environment, educating her audience about the right perspective of Africa cuture will be part of the change maker to receive a $25,000 dollar reward.

  • Other African winners include:
    • Abdullah Annan (Egypt), who simplifies complex science.
    • @theroamingchef (Kenya), a self-taught chef and former rugby star.
    • @doctor.siya (South Africa), who educates on medical myths and sexual health.
    • Mai Gamal (Egypt), a nutritionist and health coach.
    • @pilot_onthegram (South Africa), the first verified South African pilot on TikTok, inspiring future aviators.

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