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WhatsApp Users have been waiting for this announcement. Finally, you can use WhatsApp on many phones without having to sign in and out each time. This option is now available and we will show you how to use Whatsapp on multiple phones.

Now that multi-device Logging in on Whatsapp is available, you can connect your Whatsapp to other phones.

When it comes to security Whatsapp still maintains its end-to-end encryption for all of your messages, calls, images, videos, and voice recordings. Your primary phone and the number connected to your account will both remain the same, but you will be able to send and receive messages on other phones just like you can from Windows, a web browser, or a tablet.

The previous four-device restriction still applies, bringing the total number of devices you can use with your primary phone to five.

According to WhatsApp, you’ll be automatically logged out of all companion devices if your primary device is dormant for a prolonged period of time (defined as 14 days).

Not just individuals who have personal and business phones will enjoy this feature. The fact that staff members can now use the company WhatsApp account to reply to clients from their own phones this is a good news for small business owners as well.

How to login WhatsApp on multiple phones

This simple step will show you how to install Whatsapp on multiple devices, Firstly you want to make sure your Whatsapp is Updated.

  • Go to Playstore and download WhatsApp on the new device
  • On the registration page, Select “Link a Device”
  • Go to your first device where your WhatsApp is login, click on the 3 hamburger
  • Select link devices
  • On the registration window, click “Link a device” option.
  • Use the device to scan the QR code on the new phone you want to install WhatsApp on.

All users of WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business who have Updated their Whatsapp to the latest version will be able to utilize this feature.

The Chats of all linked devices’ WhatsApp conversations will sync upon a successful connection.

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