How to withdraw from Upwork with GeegPay

How to withdraw from Upwork with GeegPay

Are you an Upwork freelancer in Nigeria and you have been having issues withdrawing your freelance funds online, or is the Upwork conversion rate too low? Yes, the Upwork conversion rate for direct-to-local bank accounts is too low. When writing this article Upwork Exchange rate is ₦409. Per dollar. I will show you the best way to withdraw from Upwork with GeegPay at ₦715 per dollar.

Suppose you’ve read our previous article on how to withdraw from Upwork with Grey.co, this is an updated article because Grey.co no longer accepts ACH withdrawals, and Upwork uses ACH for direct to United State bank accounts. I will show you my process, from creating an account on Geegpay to withdrawing from Upwork to GeegPay at the black market rate.

Here’s a screenshot of my recent automatic withdrawal from Upwork to direct to my local bank account, as you can see in the screenshot below Upwork use ₦409 per dollar so I lose ₦300 per dollar. The total amount I lost was 92k converted to naira.

upwork direct to local bank withdrawal

What is GeegPay?

Geegpay Africa is a Digital Financial Platform for the Gig Economy. With Geegpay Africa, you can send and receive money, they also allow you to Create USD, GBP, and EUR accounts to receive payments for your gigs worldwide. Geegpay also has a virtual and Physical cards to quickly pay for your online needs across millions of websites with their customized virtual and physical debit cards.

GeegPay Review 2023, is it a scam or legit?

Before you save your funds in any online bank, you want to know if the platform is legit. You might be bothered if Geegpay is legit or if they are a scam. Just like every other platform, they are pros and cons. We are going to give an honest review of the platform and if it’s trusted in 2023 or beyond.

Geegpay is legit, and you don’t have anything to worry about. Your account is secured, and it’s a platform running legitimately. We have used it, and it’s working fine. See below the pros and cons.

How to open a GeegPay Account

To use GeegPay, you must open a free account on their website. We will share with you the steps to open a free GeegPay Account.

  • Click on register
  • Enter your legal name
  • Enter your email address
  • Create a password
  • Click on continue

After that, GeegPay will send you an email with a six-digit code which you will be required to enter to confirm your email address before you can access Geegpay. Fill in the details and submit, and your account will be created for you.

After the process, you should be redirected to the GeegPay dashboard. You need to verify your account. Navigate to your dashboard and click on settings:

Navigate to identity: ID Verification

Suppose your system doesn’t have a good camera. It would help if you use your phone for verification. After the verification, your screen should look like this.

How to withdraw from Upwork with GeegPay

  • To withdraw your money from Upwork using GeegPay visit your Upwork account:
  • Click on settings on top of your profile image
  • Re-enter your Upwork password to confirm it’s you trying to sign in
  • on the left section, select “Get Paid.”
  • Select Add a payment method
  • Click on Set Up Direct to U.S. Bank (USD)
  • Go to your GeegPay virtual account section and copy your USD Account to Upwork
  • Add your Account Holder’s Name
  • What type of bank account is this? Individual Checking
  • Add your Routing Number
  • Add and confirm your Account Number
  • Cross-check everything and click on Add Bank Account

Your Bank Account has been added! Your Bank Account will become active in 3 days.

After three days, your payment method will be active, and now you can start withdrawing your money from Upwork. You can try a test payment withdrawal using $2 to confirm that your payment method is working fine. If you successfully receive the funds in your GeegPay account, your payment details are 100% correct, and you are now ready to start withdrawing funds from your Upwork account to GeegPay without any low conversion rates.

How to withdraw from GeegPay

So you have applied the strategy shared at the beginning of this article and successfully transferred your funds from Upwork to GeegPay.

Here’s the process of withdrawing your funds from GeegPay to your local bank account.

  • Visit: GeegPay/dashboard
  • Click on convert. You should see convert from one to another currency
  • Select USD to NGN and select the amount you want
  • Click on convert
  • Add your Bank account number
  • Select your Bank
  • Confirmed to be debited the amount and click send

So, guys, that’s how to withdraw from Upwork with GeegPay, you can conveniently withdraw your money from Upwork to GeegPay without any charges, and you can now withdraw to your local bank account using GeegPay with a higher conversion rate.

Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts/questions. I will respond as soon as possible!

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    1. Great Post. Thank you. Unfortunately, I didn’t see this post and I’m a first time geegosy user. I just withdrew from my Upwork account to geegpay. I haven’t seen the money reflect in my geegpay account yet. How long does it take to reflect?

      Please I really need help.

    2. What an amazing and useful piece. But what is my routing number and where it is located? Also, where can I find my account number?

      1. Thank you for reading and commenting Oluseyi, your routing number is a unique, nine-digit number that functions as an address for your bank, you can locate it in your Geegpay account. Log in to your Geegpay account navigate to Accounts and you will be able to find your routing number.

      1. Thanks for reading! I have not really tried it sha, I have some dollars which will be available on Upwork tommorrow, I will let you know if it is possible.

          1. Hi Esther, Thanks for waiting, after setting everyting up and adding my UBA dollar account to Geegpay. After Clicking send, I got an error message that:

            transfer to usd not available at this time

            I am not sure if this feature would be available anythime soon! What do you think?

    3. @ Esther… Since you have a UBA DORM ACCT, you can receive directly as long as the name in your account tallies with the name on your upwork account. Your bank swift code can be gotten online. Just google UBA SWIFT CODE.

    4. Good day, nice post. I have a lot of questions but I’ll start with this; do I need a domiciliary account to work with Geegpay? Thanks.

    5. Good day, nice post. I have a lot of questions but I’ll start with this; what kind of account can I use for GeePay, 1- Savings account, 2- Domiciliary account ? Thanks.

      1. You can use both accounts but when I try using a Domiciliary account on Geegpay recently, I got an error message that the service is currently unavailable. Thanks for reading.

    6. Thanks for replying me. For the next question, how do I pay for connects on Upwork because I tried adding a payment method (which is my savings account) but my Upwork account was suspended instead? Thanks again.👍🏾

    7. Thanks for this timely post. My question is, can I withdraw from Geegpay to my savings and domiciliary accounts on GTB?
      2. Can I link my Geegpay card to a US PayPal account?

    8. 1. Yes you can withdraw from Geegpay to your savings, but for domiciliary accounts when I tried withdrawing in dollars, I got an error message that the service is not yet available on Geegpay, you can give it a try if it’s open now.

      2. Yes, you can but I think you need to have at least 1 dollar on it because they might want to charge the card and refund the money. This is just to confirm it is a valid card

    9. Good day sir, I have registered on geegpay but when I tried to “take a selfie” it doesn’t show my pic. I have tried it numerous times but it doesn’t work and it is the final stage of the registration process. Please help me out

      1. Hi Richard, this could be happening due to error from thier end, I will urge you to reach out to their customer support team via their email.

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