February 20, 2024
How to block UBA account using another phone

How to block UBA account using another phone

To immediately block your UBA bank account from another phone Call UBA’s fraud helpline at 012808800 for immediate assistance, all you need to provide is your account number and name and your account will be blocked instantly.

Emergency Steps to Contain Fraudulent Transactions on Your UBA Account

If you suspect fraudulent activity or an unauthorized transaction on your UBA account, follow these immediate steps to secure your account:

  1. Freeze Your Account:
    • Dial 91910# on your mobile phone.
    • This will temporarily freeze your account, preventing further transactions.
  2. Block Your Debit Card:
    • Dial 9199# on your mobile phone.
    • Alternatively, type “BLOCK CARD” on Leo, or use the link http://m.me/ubachatbanking to initiate the block.
  3. Contact the Fraud Helpline:
    • Call UBA’s fraud helpline at 012808800 for immediate assistance.
    • Report the unauthorized activity and follow any instructions provided by the helpline.

After completing these initial steps, take the following actions:

  1. Reach Out to a Live Chat Agent:
    • Initiate a live chat with a UBA agent for further assistance.
    • Provide details of the fraudulent activity and follow any additional instructions.
  2. Visit the Nearest Business Office:
    • If necessary, visit the nearest UBA business office for in-person support.
    • Bring relevant identification and account information for verification.

Taking these steps promptly will help secure your account and minimize the impact of any fraudulent transactions. Remember to keep your account information confidential and report any suspicious activity promptly.

Don’t be stingy please share this information with your friends and family now, so that they can take precautionary steps in the future.

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