February 20, 2024
I get tattoos of my ex boyfriends when they die Socialite Shakila

I get tattoos of my ex boyfriends when they die Socialite Shakila

Kenyan socialite Shakila recently shared some personal insights in a candid interview on YouTube. She spoke about the tattoos adorning her body and their special meanings to her.

During the interview, the influencer known for stirring up controversy, explained that she has a collection of tattoos that hold deep significance. Specifically, she has a practice of getting tattoos in memory of her former boyfriends after they pass away.

Shakila elaborated, saying:

“I have a total of 19 tattoos, and interestingly, 11 of them are dedicated to my ex-boyfriends. It all began with my very first tattoo, which I got right after my ex-boyfriend’s passing. Among my tattoos, the one that truly moves me is the portrait of my best friend. Whenever any of my ex-boyfriends sadly passes away, I commemorate them with a tattoo.”

In addition to discussing her tattoos, Shakila also openly talked about her romantic history. She admitted that she has lost track of the number of men she has been with intimately. She humorously referred to herself as the ‘Queen of the Streets.’

She shared:

“To be honest, I can’t give you an exact count of how many partners I’ve been with. If I were to even attempt counting, I fear it might drive me crazy. It’s just not something I can recall accurately.”

Shakila’s interview shed light on her personal journey with tattoos and relationships, giving us a glimpse into her unique way of remembering and honoring her past.

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