Twitter (now X) CEO Linda Yaccarino claims usage at ‘all time high’ in memo to staff

Twitter (now X) CEO Linda Yaccarino
Twitter (now X) CEO Linda Yaccarino

Exciting News from X! Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of the platform formerly known as Twitter, shared a big update with all the employees in a special company-wide message. The memo, obtained by CNBC, highlights X’s tremendous success and offers a glimpse of the exciting future plans for the newly rebranded platform.

In simple terms, X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, proudly stated that more people are using X than ever before. Though she didn’t give specific numbers, she emphasized that the service is now at its peak popularity. This means more and more people are enjoying the platform and its features.

X is not just aiming to be a regular social network anymore. Thanks to the vision of its owner, Elon Musk, who also owns Tesla and SpaceX, X is transforming into something much bigger – an “everything app.” Imagine an app that does it all – from social networking to providing various exciting experiences.

Elon Musk had already hinted at this back in October 2022 when he explained that acquiring Twitter was a crucial step in creating X, the ultimate everything app. Now, with Linda Yaccarino leading the way, X is all set to deliver fantastic new product experiences to its users.

Imagine this amazing plan by Elon Musk, the owner of X (previously known as Twitter). He wants to create an app that helps people who create content, like videos or writings, to make money from their work. But that’s not all! He has even bigger dreams for X – to provide services like payments and banking in the future!

During a special live event on Twitter, Elon Musk shared his vision with advertisers. He talked about allowing people to earn money from their content and even discussed the possibility of creating money market accounts on X. These accounts could pay people a high-interest rate, like a reward, for using the app.

Now, X’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, is carrying this incredible vision forward. She wrote a message to all the X users, saying that the app’s popularity is soaring and more people than ever are using it. They are working hard to bring exciting new features to everyone, including things like audio messages, videos, and messaging. And guess what? They’re also planning to add payment and banking services to create a global marketplace where people can share ideas, buy and sell things, and discover opportunities from all around the world!

Already, X has made some progress on these ideas. They now allow users to upload longer videos, up to two hours, giving creators more freedom to share their content. And they are even sharing advertising revenue with verified creators, supporting the talented individuals who use the platform.

With all this, things have been a bit rocky for Twitter X lately, and some reports suggest that its web traffic has been going down. Third-party measurements show a decline in traffic, especially when Instagram Threads, a competitor, became available. Data from Similarweb indicates that Twitter’s web traffic dropped by 5% during the first two days after Threads was released, compared to the previous week. Moreover, when compared to the same days in 2022, Twitter’s web traffic was down by 11%. Even the CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, tweeted about Twitter’s traffic “tanking.”

However, X’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, has tried to reassure everyone. She mentioned that Twitter had a day of really high usage in July, which was the most active since February. But she didn’t give specific numbers or details. Still, there have been some concerns as Twitter X quietly blocked links to Threads.net in their search results, indicating they might be worried about the competition.

Despite the challenges, Yaccarino’s memo to the company was mostly positive and motivating. She praised the X team for their hard work and believes that they can impress the world, just like Twitter once did.

But some analysts and critics are skeptical about X’s future. Forrester analysts predict that X might either shut down or be acquired within the next 12 months, and many critics believe that the rebranding of X is not going to be successful.

In any case, the situation is a bit uncertain for X right now, but the team is working hard and staying hopeful about the future.

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