How to subscribe to Apple Music in Nigeria

apple music subscription mtn
apple music subscription mtn

Are you looking to subscribe to Apple Music, In this article I’m going to show you how to get a free six-month Apple Music subscription in Nigeria.

Apple music free 6 months subscription
Apple music free 6 months subscription

So if you want to get a free subscription for your Apple Music follow the steps below:

I am currently using Apple Music but I don’t have an active subscription, I can use Apple Music because of the free 6 months of Apple Music offered by MTN

Apple music no active subscription
Apple Music no active subscription

Apple music subscription mtn

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have an active MTN sim on your phone so just find an MTN Sim or just register a new MTN Sim.

Then dial dial MTN apple music code: *447#

MTN apple music code_ _447#
MTN apple music code *447#

so once you dial the code you need to select Apple Music six months free at zero naira just select that and you need to click on reply once click on reply you need to proceed you’re going to get six months for free for your Apple Music and after six months you’ll be paying 1000 naira monthly.

Apple music 6months free @N0
Apple Music 6months free @N0

So before paying 1000 Monthly, they’re going to give you free six months so I have done that and once you dial the code you’re going to get this message

Then click on the link to fully sign up via Apple Music app.

So if you don’t want to use the star *447#

Send MUSIC to 8000. so just message 8000 add it around your message contacts and you need to send music to it so when you send music to it you’re going to get this message

Once you have registered for this successfully you need to click on this link below:

it’s going to redirect you to your Apple Music so once it redirects you to your Apple music you’re going to register.

So you are going to input a code that is sent to your number so they’re going to send a code to the number that you use and you need to input the code so once you put the code you are done so they’re going to give you free six months trial.

if you have any questions drop them in the comments down below and I’m going to reply to all your questions so just dial *447# or just send music to 8000 to get this offer on your MTN Sim only MTN so if you have any questions drop it below.

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