Kuda: Nigerians claim to have been locked out of their Kuda Bank accounts

kuda bank

Thousands of Kuda Bank clients are in tears after being supposedly locked out of their accounts on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

According to social media postings, most Kuda Bank customers are dissatisfied with their inability to log in or access their accounts. Customers are concerned about canceled accounts. Others claim that Kuda Bank terminated their accounts without their knowledge.

They awoke and attempted to log in to their respective accounts but could not. The bank did not explain why the move was taken, although others speculate it was a mistake. This is not the first time Kuda Bank has made headlines for the wrong reasons. In August, the bank faced a malfunction that prevented consumers from using their debit cards for lengthy periods.

Many reported being requested to upgrade their app, after which they needed help accessing their accounts. Many users threatened to close their accounts permanently due to this development. The bank recently reported a loss and has given traditional banks a run for their money.

According to a Retweet from Kuda, they claim to have just improved their system and have shared an email with their users to retrieve their account history.

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