February 20, 2024
Withdraw your money online in Nigeria

Are you working as a freelancer in Nigeria, and you have been having issues withdrawing your freelance funds in Nigeria, or the conversion rate you are getting is way low than the black market rate? In this article, I will show you how to withdraw your money online in Nigeria, even with a higher conversion rate, just like the black market rate.

Working as an online freelancer in Nigeria is one of the bold steps you have taken to expand your career in the online world. Still, due to some limitations and restrictions on Nigerians across the globe, we do have issues withdrawing our funds online. For example, Paypal doesn’t allow Nigerians to withdraw funds from their platform. They only allow us to send and receive money that wields, right?

I will share with you some of the platforms I have used to withdraw my freelance funds in Nigeria, whether you are working on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or a photographer at Getty image.

We have an in-depth article on creating a PayPal account that sends and receives money in Nigeria. If you can send your money to PayPal, be rest assured that it’s possible to withdraw your funds at a higher conversion rate, just like the black market rate.

First, you need to understand that the platform we are listing has its terms and policy, and you should read them and see if it’s a good fit for your before you register or use their service. This platform’s conversion rate from dollar to naira might be different. With that said, let’s dive right in.

Best Payment Platform to Withdraw your money online in Nigeria


You might not have heard of Geegpay, but this one is new. Let’s get to know more about Geegpay Africa.

What’s Geegpay?

Geegpay Africa is a Digital Financial Platform for the Gig Economy. With Geegpay Africa, you can send and receive money, they also allow you to Create USD, GBP, and EUR accounts to receive payments for your gigs worldwide. Geegpay also has a virtual and Physical cards to easily pay for your online needs across millions of websites with their customized virtual and physical debit cards.

Paypal to Flutterwave

You might want to tell me that Paypal doesn’t allow Nigerians to withdraw money with their platform, but they only allow us to send and receive funds into our PayPal account. Yes, that’s right. But there is a legit way to withdraw your funds from Paypal right here in Nigeria.

Flutterwave, in March 2021, announced a partnership with PayPal to process payments for freelancers and other merchants. What this means for us in Nigeria is that we can now send money from Paypal to Flutterwave, then withdraw that money with Flutterwave.

How to receive PayPal payments from Flutterwave in Nigeria

Merchants wishing to accept PayPal payments with Flutterwave must create a Flutterwave account. Users with a Rave by Flutterwave or Flutterwave Store account do not need to create a new profile.

According to Flutterwave, First, ensure you’re a Flutterwave registered business account. To verify your Flutterwve business account, you will need a Passport or Voters card. Flutterwave doesn’t accept NIN.

To access the Pay with Paypal option, you will navigate to your dashboard, select the account setting, and follow these steps to activate a payment method. Choose PayPal from the list, and you’re done. This option will only work if your account is verified.


Payoneer works with almost every freelance platform, from Upwork and Fiverr to freelancer. The platform is easy to use. Payoneer also allows you to Create USD, GBP, and EUR accounts to receive payments for your gigs worldwide.

Whether you charge your clients for your services using Payoneer and get money into your Payoneer account. Payoneer’s robust technology enables you to transfer your funds worldwide directly into your Nigerian bank account.

But here’s the trick, first, you will need to convert your money to naira with other platforms. Geegpay allows you to do that, which we mentioned earlier. You can create a dollar account on Geegpay and then send your Payoneer funds to the Geegpay account. From Geegpay, you can convert it to naira and then send it to your Nigeria Local bank account.


It would be best if you understood that payment platforms have strict terms and policies, so you must read and adhere to them to keep your account secure and your funds safe. This blog post is not a piece of financial advice. You are responsible for the decisions you make. After reading this blog post, any payment platform you want to use, go online and do thorough research to verify if the platform would serve your needs or is legit.

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