YouTube Music is gearing up to revamp its Now Playing feature with a new gradient background

YouTube Music has always been dedicated to refining its user interface and design for an enhanced music streaming experience. The platform is currently experimenting with fresh features for its Now Playing tab, soon to be integrated into the app. This update introduces a new gradient background design, replacing the previously solid-colored backdrop.

Recent insights from 9To5Google shed light on YouTube Music’s trial of gradient backgrounds within the Now Playing tab. Departing from the solid colors of the past, the platform is moving towards darker shades to offer a more visually appealing ambiance. This transition ensures the user interface doesn’t merge with the album image, making buttons for play/pause, next/back, shuffle, and repeat more distinct against the darker background.

Alongside the gradient background, YouTube Music has also restructured the layout for Up Next, Lyrics, and Related sections. These segments now adopt a floating gray text, discarding the earlier sheet design. Although these alterations might seem subtle, they are designed to facilitate a smoother user experience.

Initial access to the new Now Playing gradient background will be provided to Android users, although the global rollout is yet to be initiated. The YouTube Music team remains committed to enriching the platform’s user experience through meticulous UI enhancements.

Additionally, YouTube Music has introduced generative AI, empowering users to craft custom playlist artwork. This innovative feature enables users to integrate their preferred images using AI technology. With these recent updates and modifications, Google demonstrates a genuine effort to elevate the overall user experience on the platform.

As users adapt to these new UI changes and visual upgrades, YouTube Music affirms its commitment to delivering an evolving and aesthetically pleasing music streaming service. Anticipate the global introduction of these exciting updates soon!


What features is YouTube Music testing for its Now Playing tab?

  • YouTube Music is experimenting with gradient backgrounds for its Now Playing tab. It’s replacing the solid colors with darker shades for a more visually appealing user experience.

How will the gradient background enhance the user interface?

  • The gradient background prevents the UI from blending with the album image, making essential buttons more distinct against the darker background.

What design changes have been made in YouTube Music?

  • Besides the gradient background, YouTube Music has restructured the layout for Up Next, Lyrics, and Related sections, displaying them as floating gray text.

Will these features be available globally?

  • While the new Now Playing gradient background is accessible to Android users first, the global rollout is pending.

What additional updates have been introduced in YouTube Music?

  • YouTube Music introduced generative AI to enable users to create personalized playlist artwork using their preferred images.


UI: UI refers to User Interface, denoting the visual elements and design of an application or website that users interact with.

Generative AI: Generative AI involves using AI algorithms to generate new content based on patterns and examples, such as artwork or music, provided to the AI system.

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