How to pay for Twitter Blue in Nigeria


Finally, you have decided to pay for Twitter Blue, but we all know that our Nigeria card will not work and that can be really frustrating, no worries, that is why we are here with you I am going to show you a very simple process that you can use to pay for Twitter blue.

When Twitter Blue came out most Nigerians were complaining that Twitter wanted to chop our money again, but look at us today we all are interested in Twitter Blue.

I think maybe it’s because of the features that come with the subscription like, Blue Thick verification, Edit Tweet, Custom app icons, Text formatting, Half ads and even many more features.

Seems like you don’t know about all these other features, don’t worry I will talk about them below so that you know what you are paying for.

What’s included in a Twitter Blue subscription?

The Twitter Blue subscription comes with so many features that many people are not even aware let me shock over 60% of Nigerians who have subscribed to Twitter Blue do not even know about all the features I am going to share with you.

Twitter blue subscription
Twitter blue subscription

Edit Tweet

One of the features that come with a Twitter Blue subscription is editing tweets, just as WhatsApp introduced its message editing features which has a 15-minute window to make changes to your sent messages. Still, Twitter introduces a 30-minute window which mean that you can only edit tweet within 30 minutes after you publish them, after 30 minutes you can no longer edit tweet. This feature only works with your original Tweets and tweets that you quote.

Bookmark Folders

Do you know how you can arrange folders on your phone or PC this feature is almost the same as the Twitter bookmark tweets which allows you to sort tweets into folders for easy access.

Your Bookmark Folders are only visible to you which is private, so if you find any tweet that is performing well or you love the concept you can start saving them for later to analyze

Custom app icons

Many people don’t like the weird-looking Twitter app icon if you are just like me and don’t like that black colour then you should be excited about this feature of customizing your mobile Twitter App icon with several colour options.

Text formatting

The Twitter Blue subscribers come with an added option of allowing you to bold and italicize text in your tweets. Fancy! I will not be poor stop playing (Ola of Lagos understands this)

NFT Profile Pictures

You can display the NFTs you own in a hex-shaped profile picture on your Twitter account. This requires a temporary connection to your crypto wallet.

Half ads

The Twitter Blue subscription comes with a premium feature that reduces ads on your Twitter feed, Twitter Blue subscribers should see about 50% fewer ads than non-subscribers.

How to subscribe to Twitter Blue Nigeria

Now that you are ready to take this rich kid step by subscribing to Twitter Blue, you can sign up in easy steps!

Step 1: Sign up for Twitter Blue

Log in to your Twitter account, on the left bar select premium and you will be asked:

Who are you? Choose the right subscription for you:

If you are subscribing for yourself select “I am an individual”

If you are subscribing For a business or organisation select “I am an organization”

Your account needs to meet some requirements before you can subscribe to Twitter Blue, one of the main requirements is verifying your phone number.

twitter blue
Twitter blue

Twitter Blue Requirement

The eligibility requirements for the Twitter Blue is listed below:

Profile fully setup

Your Twitter profile needs to be fully set up, you need to have a display name and profile photo on your account

Account Active

Your Twitter account needs to have been active in the 30 days prior to subscribing to Twitter Blue


You must have an account that has been active for at least 30 days and verify your phone number.

Honest and Genuine

Your account should accurately represent your identity with no recent alterations to your profile photo, display name, or username.

Step 2: Pay for Twitter Blue

This is the main section of the article, one of the amazing things about Twitter Blue is that you can pay with your naira card without worries.

Once you have decided the plan you want to go for whether Monthly or Yearly, select the plan of your choice, and you will be redirected to the payment page.

Twitter X accepts Visa Card, Mastercards, America Express, and Discover.

Enter your card details and click subscribe…

You will be directed to complete a captcha once you complete it your subscription will be verified if your card is accepted you should receive a message that says

“You’re all set, your purchase was successful,

Twiiter blue verification successful
Twitter blue verification successful

Congratulations! You have now successfully signed up for Twitter Blue. Please note that Twitter Blue Thick might not instantly appear on your account, you want to wait for at least 24 hours before contacting Twitter support.

How much is Twitter Blue in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can subscribe to Twitter Blue for NGN 3,650.00 per month. This premium subscription, known as “X Premium,” offers an enhanced Twitter experience, including various features and benefits.

The subscription is billed every month, and the total cost for the service is NGN 3,650.00, with no additional taxes. To access these premium features and enjoy an enhanced Twitter experience, users can subscribe to Twitter Blue for this monthly fee of NGN 3,650.00.

My card was rejected for Twitter Blue

If your card was not accepted you should receive an error message that says:

Your card was declined. Please try a different card.

Your solution is using a virtual master card, you have to apply for a Virtual dollar and naira card.

One of the best Platform to use is PSTNET Virtual Dollar Card, click the link below to sign below:


In conclusion, paying for Twitter Blue in Nigeria is a straightforward process, thanks to the various payment methods and options available. Whether you choose to use local payment platforms, international payment cards, or alternative methods, Twitter Blue provides a convenient way to unlock its premium features, enhancing your social media experience in the Nigerian context. Stay connected and enjoy the benefits of Twitter Blue!

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