February 20, 2024
Nigerians blast Bobrisky after showing off his curves(See reaction)

Nigerians blast Bobrisky after showing off his curves(See reaction)

Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, recently revealed a photo and video showcasing his “newly acquired curves.” Bobrisky is known for his unique style and has openly shared that he underwent surgery last month to enhance his body’s shape. This exciting transformation was proudly displayed on his Instagram page. In the video he shared, you can witness the results of his surgery, highlighting his journey to embrace his true self.

Bobrisky’s bold decision to undergo surgery and share his experience on social media demonstrates his confidence and authenticity. With his distinctive fashion choices and open discussions about self-expression, he continues to inspire and challenge societal norms. This reveal marks an important moment in his personal journey and serves as a reminder of the power of self-acceptance and the freedom to express oneself in a way that feels right.

Definatelly Nigeirians will always come for her see their reactions below.

  • ankarasupplier The hip in the picture is different from the hip in the video… 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  • yusufdazmomoh This Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is still pushing very hard to be a woman. Let her convince the world and doubting Thomases like me that he a full-fledged woman by getting pregnant and delivering the baby
  • glogele.fashion But am seeing 2 different hips abi na my eyes e dey😮
  • thefoodnetworknig2 This should tell y’all that Bob will do anything to stay relevant… Father’s death or not! May we no born wetin we no go understand…
  • beksnaturalfoods See as e be…. 🙄. His papa just died and he can’t even allow at least one month as a mark of respect. If useless was a person na bobrisky
  • _blessingeIf you still have to edit after BBL then u need your money back 😂
  • vickkyann Make en stand first… I wan check something 😩
  • pinkyynibbling Almighty Allah, I cried to you 18 years after my daughter’s birth, and you proudly gave me a son, a blessed son. Allah, I am using this medium 🙏 🙌 to praise and beg you to not turn that son into any child, especially an imbecile . I kneel before you today and forever to let him be a full bodied man with strong gbola only made for female gender and to let him be a child of honor that will make both his parents proud in a positive way . Amen 🙏 . Olohun ma je ki abi oloriburuku*** 😒 lomo. Amen 🙏
  • olivia__davids Breathe!!!😂😂😂
    Werey oni filter
  • tc_imageryBaba spread your leg make breeze touch your evian o.m😂6 likesReply
  • restoring_womens_confidence Bob please stand up and turn I want to see something first. This one is the real definition of hips do lie.

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